A random Story ( from a random encounter)

          There was once a boy who thought he can could do anything that he wanted. That dream was stunted quite quickly by many different factors. The biggest was money. While not everything in this life is money, most things require you to have it and use it to get ahead. Whether is for transportation, education, food, health, or just a roof over your head. He quickly began to see how hard it was to survive, let alone thrive.  this did not stop this man though. He continued to move forward even if it was a little at a time. Moved out, got a job, bought his own car. He did what you were supposed to do, but alas happiness eluded him. Why he though? He was doing everything right. No matter how much he thought about it, there was no reason for him to be unhappy. However, one day he met someone. She was of higher social status, came from a above middle-class family so he though he never had a chance. This was the way he though. Many things in life had led him to believe that’s how things are. He decided not to pursue an intimate relationship with her, became some one who was around her, always dependable and always looking out for others. Kind and selfless he was, always.  unbeknownst to him, she began to like him. She liked how hard he worked. How he put himself before others. How he looked at her when they talked. How he, was not just after her for pleasure, but genuine interest. This went on for a while, until one day, she had a problem. She needed help dealing with this problem but no one stood up to help her. Well, this man did, not because he had to, or because he liked her, or because he wanted something in return. He did it because that’s just what he always did. Her issue was resolved and she fell in love with him. They started to go out and eventually became engaged. Things were looking up for these two people, but there are always shadows waiting to come up when you least expected. They both came from 2 different worlds. She was used to a certain lifestyle, which he could not provide, love conquered this one, she decided that the most important thing was that they were together. Then, another issue, the woman’s friends could not believe she was actually changing and giving up so much for this man. She chooses the man once again. They get a small apartment, a one bedroom. Both have jobs, so money is not an issue as long as expenses are kept at a minimal. Things go on for a while like this when another bump comes along. They both start working hard, seeing less of each other. They start to grow distant from one another, and as we have seen many times, this is normal in a society like ours, where work becomes harder to get so we go to great lengths to keep the one we got. Where greed supersedes all else. As human beings we are never satisfied, we are greedy by nature, and there is proof of that everyone. People we know, corporations, institutions ect. Little by little they grow apart. Each began doing things behind each others back. More social media, hanging out with other people more than with each other. As all this unfolds, something happens, she becomes pregnant. They decide that is best to just get married, since that’s what’s best for the child. This goes on for 3 years. They live together, but they both admitted that the love was gone. So, after 3 years, they divorce.  they both spent one year as single people, then they decide to get back out there, see if they can find some sort of happiness with someone else. She goes back to her former life with eventually meeting a super well-off man that wants to be with her and marries her within that year. The man, well it was a little harder for him, he had to work twice as hard since he had to pay for child support and have a suitable living arrangement for the child. He didn’t have as much time to go out there and find anyone. While the woman was already married and bearing another child, the man was still single. He did eventually got a girlfriend, but did not want to marry. In his mind, he had been there and done that. Did not want to go through all the trouble again. Besides with the divorce rates so high, why waste all that money, he thought. Eventually, the woman gave birth to two more kids, and the man had another child with his girlfriend.  this was their life for a few years. The woman eventually divorced the new husband. And the man broke up with his girlfriend.  Once again, they were both single but with a lot more responsibilities. They both now had two families and plenty of kids to go around. Multiple schedules, multiple activities that they had to handle and take all their kids to. Needless to say, there was no more time for romance or love. They did not have enough time for all that. With work and the children, they were barely able to manage on a day to day basis. Fast forward many years. All they kids are grown up. Some went to college. Some did not. But they all now have families and their own complicated lives. The original people are not older, living on their own. They both have their own interests, hobbies and for the most part, they like to be alone. This goes own for a while, both following a simple routine: work, home, sleep, work again and so on. On a fateful day, years later about 30 years later, coincidently, both of these people want to have a night in and decide to head to the market to get supplies to enjoy their evening. They both go to the same store, and during checkout, they see each other. They think to themselves if they should talk to one another, but they are both afraid to make the first move. They both leave the store and quickly realize that they have parked next to each other. That was enough to break the ice and strike up a conversation. One thing leads to another and they end up at the man’s place. They make dinner, open a bottle of wine, share an amazing night together. They both realize after a few times of spending time together that they really enjoy each other’s company. They remember what drew them together in the first place. Now 30 years later both are old and since that day 30 years ago, inseparable. Today I meet this man here on the metro, and as we go on a long ride, he tells me this story. Tells me that nothing needs to be rushed, and that now more than ever, there many things that can distract us from the important things. Mainly, the material things that we care so much about. He told me that his dad, after WWII, did not care for anything, just wanted to spent time with his family. He said that his experience there really showed the best, worst and unbelievable in what people can and will do for the right and wrong reasons. He saw how after everything, when people had lost everything, they were happy that they were alive. That was a very important lesson that he quickly forgot as he got older. He thought back at all his happiest and unhappiest memories, and most of them revolved around family. That’s the thing he said. Sometimes what we think are the worst things, are usually the best things when we look back at our lives. As the metro was slowing down, he told me his stop was coming up and as he got up to walk to the door, I asked where he was going. He smiled and told me, “I am visiting my wife’s grave. She passed a few months ago”. And with that, he smiled and got off the train and waved goodbye.  

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