AI, robots, self driving cars, the list could go on, but lets just stick with these for now. A bit before new years, I was talking to a friend about these topics. How we might not have a job in the near future. How he as an accountant could be easy replaced by some sort of computer program or AI. Me as a sales manager not needed because robots wont need a managing. Everything is going to be in the cloud and companies are going to rely solely in automation and cloud computing. And lest not talk about how the country is right not with the trump administration. All this talk really put a damper on the new years party but unfortunately is something that we need to think about going forward. One thing though, infrastructure. If we are being realistic, the US infrastructure is not up to snuff to really make this changes. Lets just look at energy requirements. Lets say we go this route, lots of cloud computing and robots, well the state of internet in this country and that of a lot of businesses are not up to snuff. Slow internet speeds, old systems, amazon, google, Microsoft. The fight for retail and online shopping is a tough one, that might see a few more companies go the wayside. Now let us see the state of our power grid. The more automation we use the more power we are going to need. Now as we are now our power bills are through the roof, so imagine with all these robots running around. This might not be that big of an issued if we get more sustainable sources of power, but I digress. If we are looking at this objectively, the biggest problem would be that companies are not gonna be willing to spent that much money for long run instead of short term. Another would be that once we have this companies have this tech, the manufacturing companies of these new utilities are not only going to charge a premium for robots and automated systems, but are going to overcharge. We see this now with powered equipment, things that are routine fixes and repair cost big companies a lot more than they should because of overcharging. Using that logic, imagine robotic maintenance. Lastly lets look at self driving cars. This technology is growing fast and advancing at an amazing pace, but there have been many hiccups. Crashes for one, but how about the calculations that the AI driving that car makes to chose who lives and who dies in case of a crash. Ethical bomb there. Finally let us really analyze the real problem, resources. The more we use this kind of tech, robots, phones, cars, computer chips, the more precious resources we need. And believe it or not, a lot of these resources are conflict and precious minerals that going forward are gonna be essential and expensive. Well that is it just some random thoughts I had. Till next time.

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