My thoughts on social media

A few days ago i began to write an article about Social Media. Unfortunately I could not finish the article. The reasons gave myself for not being able to finish was that i was not ready. I did not have the right words and thoughts to do it. In a way that was true. I did not want to come to the realization that i was caught up in it. I could not admit to myself that I became entangled in the farce that it is. Now i know some of you will read this and say that it’s not true, and that might be true but i will present to you with facts that might make you think twice about it.

In the past past five years everything has become about social media. From keeping up with your friends, to companies using it to advertise products or upcoming sales. Let’s begin to keeping up with friends. Now, personally i and one of those people that likes to have a few friends. Even back in the day when myspace was the big thing, I did not have one. Of course after a while I was convinced to make one. Immediately I wanted to increase the number of friends i had. I wasn’t concerned if i knew them or not. That was the first time that i had that thought. My close group of friends was always enough and more than that it was people I trusted. Another aspect of this was the fact that everybody was trying to one up each other. People posted pictures and posted things they were doing that only accentuated the best parts of their life. That is something that to this day remains perpetual. Now whether this a problem or not remains to be seen. I know that it is everyone’s freedom to post whatever they want, but it also, i feel, that it takes a lot from the actual experience. What do i mean by this? Well it’s simple. Let’s say that you want to go to a concert but you can’t. Well i am sure there are going to be people that are going to be posting live shots or videos of that said concert. Now this can be a double edged sword. You might like that people post this because it gives you a taste of it that you would otherwise not had the chance to experience. Or it could be that the people that were able to go got to experience once in a lifetime event. Another time this specific issue rises is when people post about how good things are for them, or how bad things are for them. Nowadays we are able to make statements whenever about negative and positive things. The problem this leads to is that we never really have context, or intent. When people read them they choose to take a side or make a choice on a particular issue without all the information.

It is my belief that this is the main argument for this article. We have 4 or more apps or websites that require our constant attention, couple this with regular life, jobs, family ect. It becomes clear why so much misinformation gets spread to so many people at an alarming rate. These days, whether we like to admit it or not, many kids in their early teens are on this apps or websites. Many of them not being experienced enough to know better that to believe many of the things that get spread out during their feeds or by their online friends. Dissemination of information that happens on said social media, many times has no basis on fact or even created by professionals.

Finally, this leads me to one last point. The diminishing creativeness and work ethic of our youth. This is purely based on my own formed opinion. I have reached this conclusion based on my on observation of today “hip” language, and accepted fashion trends. The proliferation of social media has really paved the way for the loss of one self. We all want to be like and be part of the bigger crowd. We copy and meme as much of the things we see in social media so we seem cool and fit in with the rest of the world. This leads to people being less themselves and more someone else. This really rears its ugly head when you factor in the celebrities in social media. People mimic and strive to be people they see, to have what other show. Specially when you have friends posting and trying to do the same. We forget what really enjoy, what we really want, and sometimes what makes us happy. Not everybody can have what other have, not everybody can be what others are. We are all different and we are good and bad at different things. Frequently we forget the little things that make us happy when we see other bragging on how successful they are. Moreover we as a whole forget that most posts are moments in peoples life that don’t reflect that amount of work and sacrifice that they had to endure to get there. There is always that risk that people and specifically young adults that see these things and can become sad or unmotivated when they try to be something and are unsuccessful.

If i may leave you with one final thought, and i say this because i’ve been caught in this vicious cycle. Be yourself. I know  that statement gets thrown around these days, but it has lost its meaning.  Find what makes you happy, Chase it. Dream it, Try to catch it, but never do it for any other reason than yourself.

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