A few days ago I found myself writing about success. While in the process of writing my thoughts, another stumbled upon me. Time. It came to me as a whisper in the back of my head. Time is so relative to what you are doing. It can slip away. It can seem like forever depending on the situation. When you are a kid, life seems so full of possibilities. As a child one can think of many, many different things to do with one’s life. Sadly as you grow older, you face certain realities that have huge life changing potential. While those realities change from person to person, one stays the same. Time. This one factor is the same for us all. Time has a way of beating all of us and making some of us do things that we might not have done if we had more time. With time ticking away, many of us tend to make rash and irrational decisions even we are of sound mind. Lets give an example to give better perspective. I love many things. Some of them are; photography, video editing, writing, soccer, tennis, video games, learning new things about the world, computer building etc. Unfortunately time does not allow me enough hours in the day to really focus on some of the things I love. Certain realities like work really put a damper on your hobbies, or as I like to call it, bullshitting time. This was the reason I thought about time while writing about success. I have learned that being successful does not always translate into having a lot of free time. Companies of all sizes, shapes and forms are trying o find ways to increase profit, lowering costs and making people more efficient. I know I am being unfair. I also understand that is not just this but if you are a business owner yourself, you are also faced with the same dilemmas. So here were are time. We have come to this point in our lives that everything we do takes time away from everything else. I of course I am speaking about this from my own personal experience. I go to work, I come home, I have errands, I workout, walk the dog, and I have a small 2 hour window, sometimes less, at the end of the day to bullshit. I am sure many of us go through the same thing. Specially once you have kids. It all becomes about them. I don’t mean to sound depressing or sad, because I am not. Lately I have been so busy that my days have been full with enjoyable moments. The only thing that its missing at times its those things that I miss, and I think we have come full circle on success, time and bullshit. They are all connected. If you bullshit too much, time passes and your success lessens. If you spend more time trying to make your person better and improving, your success rises. But one thing remains the same, time. Its always there. Its always ticking. How will you spend it.

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